Small Business Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Our Goal – A Small Business Taxpayer Bill of Rights!

bill of rights


1- This involves balancing the playing field between an independently owned small-business and the bureaucracy.


Balance can be accomplished in two ways:



A-The Burden of Proof should always be upon the  bureaucracy. Not only during audits,citations, inspections, tax assessments, etc. but also through the entire appeal and legal process.


scales of justice

B- Both sides should always have an equal amount at stake. Whenever the Bureaucracy claims a small business owes the government a sum of money, including penalties and interest, the bureaucracy should have an equal amount at stake. If it turns out that the bureaucracy is wrong, the government should owe the small business the amount in error, including penalties and interest that would have accrued.



A Small Business Taxpayer Bill of Rights should be limited to small independently owned business, not corporate conglomerates.






Our Principles

1- We believe that a thriving family owned, middle class business sector is necessary to grow the American economy:

Thanks to Pixabay“Small business” is needed to provide competition with the corporate monoliths. A thriving small business sector would generate millions of American jobs; which would create job markets bringing more opportunities for wage earners. A thriving “small business” sector would lead to a more employee friendly, “middle class” job market.

2- We believe that competition is being eliminated in the American economy:

2_CorporateMonolithsThe big government / big business partnership is teaming up to eliminate competition in the American economy. Government protected cartels dominate nearly every market in contemporary America. The corporate monoliths that make up these cartels have effectively bought and sold “government America,” thus are in the position to pillage the American middle class.

3- We believe that Bureaucracy America has become a Frankenstein monster created by the American people:

3_BureaucracyThis self-serving American bureaucracy has grown exponentially over the decades, and consumes more and more of the resources that America needs to thrive. Self-interest dominates every aspect of bureaucratic behavior. The bureaucracy has become an anchor around the neck every American citizen, siphoning off large portions of government revenue to benefit itself. The bureaucracy partners with the corporate monoliths to pillage the American middle class.

4- The American government has effectively excluded the middle class:

4_HallOfDCBrothelThe elementary problem facing America is that we, the American people, have allowed our government to become a special interest brothel. The select few who are the Johns at this brothel can find courtesans from either side of the isle who will fulfill their every fantasy. They skew the law making, taxing and regulatory environment to benefit the bureaucracy and corporate monoliths. This brothel has engineered the greatest consolidation of wealth in modern American history.